Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oklahoma State Fair 2013!

It's that time of year. The weather is changing, the slouchy boots can be worn, pumpkin is in all foods and drinks, and the freaks come out at the state fair! Our family contributed to the freaks (and so did the Vasquezes) by attending Friday (the 13th no less!).
First stop: Agtropolis. We always enjoy learning about farm animals, agriculture, and insects here.
 We also enjoyed learning about Native American dancing and 209 pound prize winning pumpkins. I mean really? Where else are those 2 things in the same place?!
We checked out the Zoppe' family circus tent and saw some pretty awesome trapeze art, clowns, horseback tricks, juggling, acrobatics, annnnnd cleavage.
Lulu was a nice grandma and treated the kids to bracelets so they could ride as many times as they wanted.
Liv is soooo close to 42" which means she can ALMOST ride all the kiddie rides without an adult. They managed to find some that didn't require our attendance or money though. Such happy faces!
The fair is not just a fun place for kids....
See ya next year Fair!

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