Thursday, September 05, 2013

Recent Playfulness

With Ben at Kindergarten now, we weren't sure if these kids would know what to do. 
After the morning cartoons were turned off though they quickly realized it was still fun even without Ben there to boss them around :)
And I had an absolute ball playing with this big girl! She used to be so sad when her mama left her with me, but now it was all smiles and giggles and we had fun!
At Audrey's house, these crazy kids played some Twister like game that had Noah stretched out in a hilarious manner.
There's been LOTS of dress up going on around here.
 Look what we found when we were unpacking! Time to play wedding!
Buttons are the latest fun craft item!


lauren and brad said...

Such pretty babies we have. :)


Is that in your rental house....more pictures please.

Leslie said...

oh goodness, that clown nose photo is too much!!

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