Saturday, September 07, 2013

Wiggle Out Loud

Last Sunday was the first Wiggle Out Loud, a family music festival held at Bicentennial Park encouraging families to get moving and get healthy. Spaghetti Eddie was there and Liv and her friends were front and center dancing it out to "Body Parts" and "Kitty Cat Town."
Is this a dance move or is she about to backhand Noah?
My favorite was the costumed Eddie with his clothes on backwards. Too funny.
The dads really get into Kindie Rock!
We also got to hear the Sugar Free All Stars and...drum roll please.....The Verve Pipe! Can you believe the talented makers of the world's most depressing and yet loved song "Freshmen" are now kid musicians?
And they are awesome! Their songs were clever, not annoying, and hilarious. Their performance was amazing too (dumping Fruity Pebbles out of a guitar after a song about cereal) but I'm sure being famous rock stars might help your stage presence a little bit. I texted Erin this picture because of the special place we hold in our hearts for the Verve Pipe and their song that led to the most awkward moment in church camp counselor talent show history, and she said "Liv was living her dream" :)
In addition to the awesome kiddie musicians there were also art booths, food trucks, a kid talent stage featuring a tiny Elvis, local businesses, chalk art, and other activities and it's free! It was a great event and I look forward to seeing who comes next year!


Anonymous said...

The little Elvis is adorable, but not half as adorable as our sweet Olivia. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I think I would like to go to a kid's concert like this.

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