Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Haunt the Zoo....sort of

We cheated and didn't actually go in the evening in costumes when they hand out candy. I've heard it gets crazy crowded and we were already there in the afternoon on Saturday for a birthday party, so I figured we could check out the spooky decor. 
There was a pretty awesome display of a pumpkin carving contest.
I didn't get pics of the bday party but it was held in the treehouse and the kids got to pet a hedgehog and learn about some other animals. It was drizzling the whole time we were there but that did not stop Liv from wanting to see the animals! She was determined to find a cheetah to match her toy she got as a party favor (the jaguar was close enough to count!) 
I thought for sure they animals would be inside but apparently they like the rain. At least the cats do!
We really wanted to get a peek of that new baby giraffe but it was not out. We enjoyed all the Halloween decor and I think it's a fun way to see it without the crowds (or the candy...shhhh!) She wanted to stay longer but my legs were aching from all that jumping at the Orr Family Farm and Zumba class so I figured we could go home. I thought she'd be tuckered out too, but instead she convinced her daddy to take her to the park in the rain where they played for a long time afterward! 


Michelle said...

Yes, the times we have been to Haunt the Zoo when Cooper was smaller were miserable....it's one thing I don't miss at all at Halloween!

kmom said...

Who needs lots of candy?

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