Monday, October 14, 2013

Newsletter: 49 Months

Dear Olivia,
Autumn is here and we are already filling up these October days with fun fall activities. I'm looking forward to the pumpkin patch visits and Halloween activities. It's my favorite season and although I'd hoped we'd be closer to finding a permanent home by now, I didn't let that stop me from decorating our rent house front porch with you today. It feels much more homey with mums and pumpkins around in the fall!
Your budding knowledge has led you to ask many challenging questions this month. Things like how you got in my belly, what "pregnant" means, whose belly was I in, whose was Grammy is, why do we die, when did my grandmommy dies, etc. I try to answer with age appropriateness but they usually catch me off guard and I always hope I'm saying the right thing!
Maybe all of the death questions came up because one day while crossing the gym parking lot with me you looked up and said "Mom, Kelly Bronson just died." (That would be red bear's imaginary friend) I asked you what happened and you said that she wasn't holding a hand in the parking lot. You didn't seem too broken up about it and it was nice for awhile that anytime you tried to get out of holding my hand I could just say "remember Kelly Bronson?" and you'd quickly reach up! Since then she has come back to life so all is good in imaginary friend land.
Speaking of imaginary friends. You had a new one named Naomi the other day (also the name of cousin Bonnie's new baby) and she was stuck in a traffic jam and we had to go pick her up because she was going to be living with us for 30 weeks. When I asked you why she would be with us for so long, you simply explained because her parents were going on a date, duh! Never a dull moment with you. I love to play along with your imagination!
You had your well child visit recently and you are still in the 85% for height which you have been since you were a baby. Every time you put your shorts or pants on they look shorter! I think you will be in 5t pants very soon...just not sure the waist will fit!
You like to play various games in the car this month (when you aren't singing along to a Disney CD). Your favorites are Fortunately, Unfortunately (although the Beast, Belle, and a bridge always end up in the story somehow), guess what shape I'm thinking (no sided shapes are your fav), and what letter do words start with (you always phrase it backwards like "p starts with pumpkin!").
You are loving your new dayschool and I love hearing about your days (when you are willing to share info with me) and see what all you are learning. You have made new friends that I hear stories about and it's hard for me to think that you have a life (well maybe more like 10 hours) that doesn't include me in it at all each week! It's just a stepping stone for the future but sometimes I'm not sure I'm ready for those steps! But I'm so proud of you for embracing the change with such gusto.
We spent about ten days in Tennessee this month to be with your Aunt Amy and new baby cousin Mary Belle. You were pretty hesitant at first around her and didn't care much about her, but once I let you hold her and feed her a bottle for a long time you were smitten. You eskimo kissed her nose, clapped her hands, played peek-a-boo, and asked if she could get down on the floor to play with you. I layed her beside you and you gently pranced the toys by her where she could see. You would play with them while she was in your lap too. It was so sweet and I look forward to more cousin memories in Tennessee because I know I love the ones in Oregon!
This morning I woke up a bit early and found myself reading posts from previous years from around this season. It always is full of activities with three holidays coming up, but I loved looking back on all the fun the season holds! I got so caught up in reading them all I think an hour flew by before I realized I needed to be getting ready for church! I know we will have lots more fun this holiday season and it's always fun to see how much you've grown and the different activities we can experience together now that you are older. I love you my sweet 4 year old!

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Oh my, she is just precious! I love that smile! What a fun 4 year old!

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