Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Carving!

Ryan's parents have been planning a trip here and arrived on the Thursday my Poppy passed away. Luckily we all had a day together before I flew to Tennessee for the funeral. We went to the library and book store, bought some new boots, and carved pumpkins. We tried a new method of removing the bottom to see if the guts would come out more easily this way. The results were inconclusive.
You can tell that gut removal was Liv's favorite part.
Liv designed it and then Ryan made all her visions come to life in a much more artistic way than any of us could ever imagine. 
Liv insisted on a group shot with the timer on the camera. She loves that thing! And I'm glad we took so we'd have one of us all!
Liv and her grandparents always have fun together!
I was torn between two special family moments, but I wanted to be there for my Poppy's ceremony so I left Ryan and Liv in good company and they had some more fun without me. (So of course there are no pictures, but I hear they explored Guthrie, played at the park, ate at Chic-fil-a, and went antiquing.)


Anonymous said...

Gma and Gpa had a good time but you were missed.


I feel the same way about emptying pumpkin as Liv, but the pumpkin turned out very cute! So glad they got to visit.

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