Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sweet One

It's a good thing I've been here enjoying this sweet little bundle while all the housing drama is going on back in OKC, she kept my mind occupied and my stress level to a minimum. I might just steal her and take her back with me tomorrow! 
And she sure was fun to dress up and take pictures of!
The day she left the hospital her great grandfather was admitted. So she got to go visit Poppy a few days later. He was smitten!
Four generations.
Almost as smitten as her big cousin Liv!
So snuggly!
 I'm gonna miss her!


Anonymous said...

She is adorable. Olivia looks so big next to her. Can't wait to see you in a few days. Love much, Gma aka Mom

JennaBenna said...

Why did this make me cry?! She is so sweet - great pictures. You look great with her.

kmom said...

Thanks for taking so many pictures! I especially like the 4 generations, Olivia holding Mary Belle in Amy's new red chair, and Mary Belle in my green sweater, hat, and booties. Love, Grammy

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