Saturday, October 12, 2013

The other 2% of our time in TN

I would say 98% of the time I was in TN I was at my sister's side in the hospital or at her house but there were a few moments that I slipped away. One was to celebrate my cousin Eric's 19th birthday! He is at FHU right now so my parents made him a meal and cheesecake. Yum-o! (I still can't believe my youngest cousin is in college)
I managed to get one afternoon away with Celeste. We were going to Oxford but plans changed at the last minute and we ended up shopping for finishes on her new house. I got no pics of that but the night before we got our girls together to play. Little Katie and Little Celeste! :)
The week before Mary Belle was born Amy and Joe got several new pieces of furniture and all new flooring in their house. Good timing right? They still hadn't finished putting the molding back so Liv helped Uncle Joe with the painting. 
I have no idea what my daughter was doing most of the time I was with Amy. I wish I had pictures of all the fun though! She was playing at Grammy's, or at a park with Poppa, or at playgroup with cousin Bonnie and having tons o' fun. She only missed me at bedtime and then when she finally started spending the night with me she cried for her I don't think she really missed me much after all :)

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