Friday, November 08, 2013

A Touch of the OCD

She comes by it honest and I'm pretty sure I have my parents to blame for that gene. Lately this girl has been having the HARDEST time making her bed in the morning. And it's usually not because she doesn't want, but but she gets sooo frustrated if she can't the sheet or blanket to lay juuuuust riiiight. I try to tell her as long as she tries her best and it gets made then I'm happy with it, but there is wailing and gnashing of teeth when she can't get that sheet in the corner!! And it's sooo devastating if there's a wrinkle in the cover!!! If it's not perfect then she doesn't want to do it....sound like anyone you know? :)  I took pics of her this morning and kept telling her how proud I was of her to encourage her and it seemed to help...but I don't want to take pics of her EVERY day doing this!
She told me to make sure Grammy and Poppa and Grandma and Grandpa see these pics. She wanted them to be proud of her too, I told her they already were!


Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes Grandma is VERY proud of her. And shes only 4! Wow! Maybe its time for a walk around bed so it will be easier to make.

ktsdad said...

Papa is always PROUD of his Sugar Booger :-)

kmom said...

I'm proud of Olivia for making her bed. It looks just fine. It doesn't have to look perfect, just give it a good try. There are more important things to do each day. Olivia, I will always love you no matter what!

RETA said...

Nice family! Great effort, Olivia.

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