Sunday, November 24, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

  • It was 70 degrees on Wed then Thurs it dropped to like 30. Ridiculous.
  • But Liv looks super cute in her Hello Kitty hat. She isn't used to the layers yet though.
  • I got 95% of my Christmas shopping done. Thank you Ross and Amazon.
  • We are still house hunting. It's really not fun anymore. It actually depresses me.
  • We decided to stay here for Christmas this year. We might make a trip down to Dallas for Ice! though
  • I'm excited to see my niece this week! And the rest of my family too. Another tri-fecta holiday is in store.
  • Liv ate four hot dogs at a birthday party yesterday. FOUR.
  • We had church in our bed this morning as our services were cancelled because of the sleet. After a few songs Liv said "Can we just play with play-doh now"
  • Jenna and I are planning a trip to NYC in April to see Erin. If there's any shows or sites or restaurants you think we need to see, drop me a comment! (Sadly Big Fish ends next month, but I hear Newsies and The Book of Mormon are pretty awesome)
  • I hope we are in a new house before NYC.
  • I've been decorating houses and businesses for Xmas with my job this month. It's been fun. I'll post pics later but my ipad doesn't take the best shots and I never have my camera with me. 
  • A dying bunny was in our front yard when we came home yesterday. It was dragging it's back legs and Liv kept asking why it wasn't hopping. I'm still depressed about this. And I'm still not sure why there was a bunny anywhere near our house. 
  • I need to start wrapping presents today.
  • Ryan's winter clothes are packed away somewhere in our garage.
  • We did find our coats thankfully!
  • We let Liv use her own money at the Dollar Tree to pick out Xmas gifts for our TN family yesterday. It was pretty cute and the cashier didn't seem to mind counting out nickels and dimes. She really tried to get things she though they would like but I'm still not sure she grasps the concept very well. :)
  • I'm almost 31.
  • We finished Breaking Bad and have moved on to Always Sunny In Philadelphia. 
  • The space heater is my best friend. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the updates. Have a safe trip to Tennessee. Hope you find Rys winter clothes soon. Love ya, GmaakaMom

kmom said...

I saw lots of good stuff at Dollar Tree on Saturday. I don't remember being in there before.

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