Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bailey Wedding Weekend

This weekend Allison and Micah got married in a beautiful ceremony in Arkansas and I got some blurry photos to prove it (we're getting a new lens asap)! I was so honored to stand up there by her side and be witness to the vows and sentiments they wrote for each other. I look forward to many more memories with them!
The bridesmaids started the day right with some pampering as we got our hair and make-up done. (I got my hair curled with a flat-iron...who knew?!) It was fun to have girl chat while we got beautified too!
I loved loved loved her dress! I expect her to wear it at the next Oscar party too! I know I'll be wearing mine :)
The location was beautiful (and was near where our yurt was!)
It was super windy that day. So windy that Allison couldn't even wear her pretty veil because it kept blowing around everywhere, but luckily, for the ceremony, the sun came out and the wind was at a minimum.
Ryan sat on the back row with Liv who kept herself entertained by twirling.
I was not on top of my photography skills and only got this shot of the two of them together.
And look who was on top of the wedding cake. Look familiar? 
Allison wanted to surprise Micah since he's a Thunder fan so I painted him in sports gear instead of a tux.
Silly photo booth pics are a must at weddings these days! 
We tried a classy one too.
Congrats Micah and Allison! We love you!


ktsdad said...

Your hair looks beautiful as does Allison :-)

kmom said...

Such lovely long hair you have. Allison looks super.

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