Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Review

Where'd You Go Bernadette? I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's unique in that it's told mainly through emails, letters, news clippings, and other forms of media as a teenage daughter tries to piece together where her mother has disappeared. On a deeper level there's a message of loving people's imperfections, a lesson on how it's hard to know the whole truth about any situation, and how dangerous it is to give up on one's dreams. I liked how it poked fun at the immature actions of adults at times and with each childish action I could see a little of myself at my worst. It's a dark humorous book with lots of jabs at Seattle life that I think people in the NW might enjoy. I recommend it to everyone and give it a 9.5

Atchafalaya Houseboat. Say that ten times fast. Saw this little book on a blog I read and wanted to check it out. The book is basically journal entries from a woman in the 70's who went out and built a huge houseboat with her boyfriend in the swamps of Louisiana to live in for like 7 years. I wish it had been longer, it was a good little read. It features some beautiful photographs that were in National Geographic. I love reading about a life that is completely foreign to me. And being a hippie houseboat homesteader is about as foreign as it gets! I give it a 7.5 and recommend it to those interested in any of those "h" words mentioned in the previous sentence.

David is the Bible study our women's class has been doing this quarter by Beth Moore. I always enjoy her studies and the conversation that flows because of them. I think everyone can appreciate David because he messed up, and he messed up a lot, and he messed up BIG time, but he was still considered a man after God's own heart because he sought Him through the rough times and went back to Him when he had done wrong. There's a lesson we can all take from that.

These are the chapter books we read to Liv this month
Stuart Little. I had never read this before, I don't even think I've seen the movie, but the precocious ways of this little mouse had Ryan and I laughing out loud some nights while we read it. Especially the chapter when the owner of the schooner decides to let Stuart be the captain. The end of the storyline is kind of all over the place and each chapter seems to be a story of it's own rather than a continuing tale, but Liv didn't seem to mind. And we were a bit confused by the ending? Does Stuart find Margalo? Are we supposed to imagine our own ending? Are there sequels by E.B. White? I should probably look this up. Either way we really enjoyed it and I especially enjoyed the message that even if you are different than others or even your family, you can be proud of who you are and find your own ways to get things done despite your seeming limitations. After it was done Liv was excited for more chapter books!

Stranded! was a choose your own adventure book that was mine as a kiddo. Do you remember these books? It was a bit trying to read the same thing every night, but Liv enjoyed answering the questions differently and I think we did end up with every scenario possible that could happen to a child and her cousin when thrown overboard from a cruise ship!

What are you reading? I am trying to get into Outlander, I keep picking it up and putting it down, I'm also attempting a book on CD for the first time. We are reading Trumpet of the Swan to Liv now.

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Anonymous said...

I need to reread my Outlander series books before I buy her new one that just came out. She'll be in Portland soon for a book signing. I might actually try to go. Last time I did that was 1975 and it was Rod McKuen.

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