Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hotel Life

Liv loved Allison's wedding for a different reason. This was her first stay at a hotel---that she remembers. She actually cried when we pulled into our driveway Sunday night and said "we aren't staying in the hotel tonight?!" She loved jumping on the beds, writing at the desk, playing in the pool, pushing elevator buttons, continental breakfast, and cable TV (although she still doesn't understand what commercials are).
I loved that she WANTED to sleep on the floor in her princess sleeping bag so Ryan and I got our own full sized beds each! Ahh what a peaceful night's sleep! (until the teeth grinding began)


Michelle said...

My kids love hotels, which I think is funny cause we don't stay in one a ton, but they love it when we do...

Shawn and Becky said...

It's the little things for kids! Before we left for Disneyland Cameron thought his favorite part would be the pools . . . and they didn't disappoint.

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