Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Listy McListerson

  • Ryan has strep throat
  • Which means my hands are bleeding raw from washing them a ridiculous amount of times per day and everything reeks of lysol....I can't get sick!
  • I also can't stop eating Halloween candy, I kind of just want to throw it away
  • We are still house hunting, I'm still a little bitter about the other house, I'm afraid I'm getting desperate and will settle on something I don't really want but I'm also thinking I might just be being too picky and I need to let some things go. 
  • I don't know where we would put a Christmas tree in this house (I know, I know, first world problems)
  • I'm enjoying my job still, but it makes for some late night on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm still figuring out how to balance my time better with all the other things I used to get done when Liv was at dayschool. 
  • We've been reading chapter books to Liv at bedtime, I'll save it for another post but it's been a fun bedtime routine
  • I've been listening to a book on CD since I'm in my car a lot with my job. It's a way to stay on top of my book lists but it's kind of hard to remember all the characters.
  • I've given up on Vampire Diaries
  • I finished Call the Midwife series on Netflix (loved it!) and wish Vanessa Redgrave could tell me stories to put me to sleep at night. Her and Belleruth Naperstak are my favorite voices.
  • The big garden spider is still outside on our back porch
  • Ryan and I are very close to finishing Breaking Bad
  • Liv has been very mischievous lately, putting Vaseline all over her face and hands in the bathroom, writing with sharpie on furniture, cutting her doll's hair....
  • I saw the Salinger documentary and was pretty disappointed in it although I am looking forward to the new book releases. 
  • Speaking of J.D. it's about time for my annual reading of Catcher in the Rye
  • I had some impulse buys today of Halloween decor at Hobby Lobby, it was 80% off and you can't say no when decor is only like 30 cents!
  • Ok time to spray more lysol and make my bed up on the couch, Charlie gets my spot in the bed tonight with Strep Throat McGee. I hope dogs can't get strep.


Anonymous said...

I have a GREAT idea! You should buy my house ;)


The Moores said...

I share your frustration about the halloween candy, can't wait til it's all gone so I can stop eating it! Also I share your frustration about house hunting. How do you know what to compromise on and what to hold out for? Really hope you and Liv don't get the strep, keep on spraying and washing!

Anonymous said...

I have a great idea too . I'll let you buy MY house. Love ya, Momakagma

kmom said...

I thought you were training Charlie to stay off the beds. Be sure your hand soap contains moisturizers. Softsoap brand is easy on my hands. Lysol will make your hands red and sore if it is not washed off. (I sprayed lots of doorknobs once before company came.) A small Christmas tree might work out on the end table between your two couches. I hope Ryan got the shot to get himself well sooner and I hope you and Olivia stay well. Love, Mom


Yucky strep!!! Bummer! Troy and I have started watching Breaking Bad! We just started season 2. It's a bit intense for me, can't watch too much at one time. But it's good. Our Halloween candy is not disappearing fast enough either, we will eat some and then I will find a bag of candy somewhere that a friend from school gave them in their bag.

Anonymous said...

I've given up on VD also! It is not worth my time this season. You need to be watching scandal...best show on tv!


Shawn and Becky said...

I have strep throat too. I promise I didn't kiss Ryan. Shawn's been awesome about eating all the candy - not that great for him - but better on his thighs than mine!

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