Sunday, November 03, 2013

Look what WE got!

I don't think it's a secret that we spend a lot of time with the Vasquez family. Liv and Noah are best buddies, but I don't think we realized how close they were until his birthday party this weekend. He had a huge water park pirate party at the Earlywine YMCA. 
Liv sat by his side while he opened all his gifts and with each gift he cheered, "Look what WE got Olivia!" Everything was collective. Mine is yours, yours is mine. Such sweet friends. 
He spent the night with us before the big day so his family could plan for his party. We had fun at the park, making a pizza and pumpkin bread, watching a movie, and they could've stayed up all night chatting in the dark but I finally separated them so we could get some sleep, but they were up and playing early at 7am til the party! 
My favorite part was just overhearing the little conversations they had when playing. I tried to convince her when we shopped for his present that he wouldn't want princess items...and I later overheard her ask him "Noah, my mommy says you play with princess things because you like ME not because you like princesses?" He told her this was true that he did like her and not princesses. I think she was a little bummed for a millisecond, but then they went right on playing. 
He plays My Little Ponies and watches Tinkerbell with her and she plays superheroes and pirates with him. I sure do cherish their sweet friendship. 
May we all be as accepting as accommodating of our differences as four year olds!


kmom said...

Glad Olivia and Noah get along so well. That is some YMCA!

Shawn and Becky said...

They are adorable together. It's amazing what boys and girls will do together when they are little. I hope it lasts forever!

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