Sunday, November 10, 2013

Newsletter: 50 Months

Dear Olivia,
Last month was just a warm up for the deep questions in your mind. This month you are all about listening to Disney CD's in the car and asking me a billion questions to go with each one. Why is Scar jealous? Why can't he be happy for Simba? Why would he kill his brother? Why does Gaston want to marry Belle? Why does he want to kill the beast? Why does Aladdin lie? And if I try to answer with "I don't know" you act like I'm trying to shield you from the truth and you say "please mom, just tell me the answer." Maybe one day you will grow up to write in depth character studies on the motives behind Disney villains and all my answering will be worth it :)
When Poppy passed away this month I explained to you what had happened. You asked if he was in heaven with Seymour and I said yes. You told me how much you missed Seymour again and I told you for the upteenth time that you never knew Seymour, he was my dog and died before you were in my belly. But then you put two and two together and said "But daddy says I was in heaven before I was in your belly so that must be where I know Seymour from!" I knew that conversation would come back to get us!
You also had a conversation with Grandma in the bathroom while she was putting lotion on her face. She told you it was to help her not be old. You asked if you could have some and she told you that you didn't need any because God gave you perfect skin. You looked at her and sighed and said "Yep and God didn't give YOU perfect skin." Then later when you asked why Pop died I told you that he was old and his body quit working, you said "I guess he needed some of Grandma's cream!" Life contemplations through your eyes are always amusing my dear!
We've started reading chapter books before bedtime together as a family and although sometimes you have a hard time staying interested, you are always excited about it! We've read Stuart Little and a Choose Your Own Adventure book that was mine as a kid, now we are in the middle of The Trumpet of the Swan. (You kept calling it The Swan of the Goose). We keep you interested by asking questions throughout the pages and you really look forward to all cuddling up in your bed to read each night.
We continue the great house hunt and are still a bit bummed over the "one that got away." I didn't realize that you were sad about it too until you told me one day, "I just really liked that red house mom and I wanted to live there. Why can't we just live there? I bet if we just drive around again we can find it!" I told you that I was sad too, that I knew where it was, and that it needed a lot of things fixed on it. You simply said "Oh me and Noah are fixers and we can help you and daddy fix it! Just tell us what to do! We are a fixer upper family!" I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to help.
We really enjoyed the Halloween season this year as you were the most excited and into the Trick or Treating as ever. We didn't have to coax you or lead you up to the houses, you boldly ran up, told them Happy Halloween and if you forgot to say thank you, ran back to tell them. You and Noah came up with your costumes all on your own and enjoyed being Puss n Boots and Kitty Soft Paws even if not many people knew who you were!
One day you were about to throw an egg carton away and I told you to save it for a craft I had in mind. Bad mistake. Ever since then you've refused to throw anything away, you tell me "I'm going to make a craft out of it!" So there is a great pile of random things that we will need to turn into a craft very soon.
I'm always amazed at the things you are uptight about (like making your bed JUST right) but then you can be so laid back about other things (which I guess shouldn't surprise me because I'm a bit of the same way). The morning we left for Pumpkinville you told me you were going to wear your gym pants (you call them this because they are black like my yoga pants), you said they would now be your Pumpkinville pants too. When we arrived you had to go potty and we got there too late resulting in a little bit of a damp accident. I told you I didn't bring extra clothes and asked if you wanted to go home or just make do and you said "It's ok mom, these are my pee pee pants too!" And never mentioned it the rest of the day! I guess you were having too much fun to care too much! It's always a good reminder to me to chill out about certain things when you are so laid back. I may attempt to teach you about the nuances of human behavior through your endless questions about Disney characters, but you teach me so much more through your simple 4 year old ways and you don't even know it! I love you sweet girl!



Anonymous said...

I love these monthly posts. Our Olivia is such a beautiful, smart, precious girl. Grandma loves her very very much.

Jennifer said...

She is such a doll! I love reading your posts about her.

kmom said...

Happy crafting with the junk Olivia collects! You best not tell her about the tons of toilet paper rolls you collected in hopes of winning a Guinness Book of Records award. Olivia's laid backness seems to be due to her super Dad.

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