Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oh Snap! Shanny's in Town!

Shanny came to town for the Vintage Market Days show and had an awesome booth. I forgot to take my camera to it, but I got some great Christmas gifts and a scarf for myself. And even better...some creative ideas of things to make myself :)
When the show was over we got to spend some quality time shopping (while Liv learned a valuable lesson on why we don't play with vintage glass ornaments at the antique store!), building fairy houses at the park, playing with play-doh, and catching up on each others lives. 
She built a tri-level fairy mansion masterpiece.
Argyle play-doh patterna anyone?
She even made time to cuddle with Charlie. 
Is there anything that Shanny can't do?!
We miss her dearly and will take any time we can get with her! Love you Shanny!


kmom said...

So glad you were able to spend time with your dear friend.

Shannon said...

Our visits together are far too short. I was looking at this post because I am about to link to it in my blog and noticed yet again, my comments didnt show up. I guess I cant read those "are you a computer" numbers and letters combos very well. I seem to enter them wrong most times when I try and prove I am a human. :)

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