Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tennessee Tri-fecta: Thanksgiving 2013

We arrived Wednesday just in time to help make some treats, decorate the tree, and most importantly snuggle with Mary Belle.
 Then Thursday morning we watched the Macy's parade with whistles and kazoos. Liv had the uncanny ability to spot the Hello Kitty balloon even if it was a centimeter tall in the corner of the TV screen.
After the parade we headed over to Joyce and Randy's for the delicious meal.
This year the "adults" didn't fit at the table so they got their own while the "kids" took over the dining room
Our traditional girls photo, little Naomi will be joining us for the next photo!
Then we add the husbands so they don't feel left out.
 My little turkey
It's not every day Mary Belle gets to be held by a fluid dynamacist.
We let Greg cross over family lines to come to this holiday so someone is there to take our family photo. Just kidding Greg, we love you....just not enough to let you into large family photos.
Amy read me some important fart facts
And Poppa and Liv closed the day with the first of many Disney movies for this weekend!
Although the absence of Poppy was felt we still found lots to be thankful for as always this holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!! Love ya, MomakaGma and DadakaGpa

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