Monday, December 16, 2013

Book Review

Casual Vacancy. I read part of this book and listened to part of it on CD in my car while I was working. This is quite possibly the saddest and most depressing book I've ever read. I don't mind books that don't end happily but this one seemed a bit long winded although beautifully written. Despite the author's fame you will find no Harry Potter or dementors inside. Although the ending left me feeling pretty helpless about society and politics, I think the overall message of the book was that everyone has secret struggles in their lives and that you can never really know anyone's full story so cut them some slack and be kind. I give it a 7 but I wish it had been a bit shorter. I recommend it only to those who can stand unhappy endings.

The Thirteenth Tale. Book club pick for the month and I loved it. It started out slow, but then quickly was a page turner with a mystery to solve at the end of each chapter. I definitely cast this book in my head and then found out it's been a movie on the BBC so now I must try to watch it. I give it a 9 and recommend it if you like old houses, mysteries, or twins. I think it would be a good read around Halloween too.

Outlander. I read about 400 pages of this 800 page book and I finally gave up. I just couldn't get into it even though I tried. I wouldn't have made it that far except most of it was read in the car ride back from TN. After a rather odd romantic scene in the book, I called it quits as my list of other books to read was piling up.

This Is How You Say Good-bye was a fast read and a heart felt memoir of a daughter who lost her father when she was very young. She longs to know more about him the older she gets and finds herself drawing closer to him as she travels on a trip that they never got to take. I really enjoyed it as I often do memoirs and give it an 8. I recommend it if you like memoirs.

Chapter books we've been reading to Liv:
Trumpet of the Swan was another E.B. White and I loved it. I love the relationship between Louis and his father and how the father finds ways to help Louis accommodate for his difference rather than be saddened by them. There really are a lot of little life lessons for kids in this book from accepting others, to being kind, to paying off your debt, to working hard, to being brave, to going after your dreams AND you also learn some facts about trumpeter swans. Liv loved this book too and was always excited to read it together each night. Although sometimes she called it Swan of the Goose. :)

Martha Speaks: So you want to be a dog. Liv liked it but I wasn't that keen on it and I got really confused as to who was talking many times in the book. It's told from Martha's viewpoint but then other kids were turning into dogs and dogs into kids and maybe I was too old to understand it.

What are you reading?
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