Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Celebrations

I said we wouldn't make it a habit last year, but I guess we did since we stayed in Oklahoma again this year! There are pros and cons to it really: we miss our extended family but it is nice to be at home on Christmas morning, anyway here is how we celebrated this year in OKC.
On Christmas Eve we went to a candlelight service and then made a birthday cake for Jesus with Noah.
When we came home we let Olivia open one present (her homemade Hello Kitty apron and pajama pants from Great Grandma Butcher).
We read Twas the Night before Christmas, laid out cookies and milk, and then tried to sleep. In the morning we found that Santa had come! And he brought LOTS of princess things!
We set the timer for our annual family photo. 
And made sure to pose with our stockings too.
Thankfully Ryan and I did not get princess things but we did get each other some good gifts. Loot photo time!
With her gifts from Santa, us, and her relatives from Oregon and Idaho! She said her favorite gifts were her scooter and her push pop in her stocking.
Ryan's family theme this year was magazine subscriptions and I got one to HGTV and he got one to a Photoshop mag.
After I was all done opening my presents I heard a strange ringtone coming from our room. I went in to see what it was and found Ryan had gotten me a new that will bring me into the 21st century. I fought it for too long but I am now a modern woman...and as you can tell I'm soooo confused about it. :)
Then we spent the afternoon playing with new toys. It was sunny enough to test out the scooter on the way to the park and fly Ryan's remote control airplane.

In the evening we were invited over to the Pluess Family Christmas dinner and Beezo came too. The food as always was delicious and it was nice to be included in their family celebration as we were missing ours. Liv got a few more gifts from Noah and Lulu. Then Beezo taught us how to play Lords of Waterdeep. We enjoyed it but stayed up way too late!

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kmom said...

I laughed when I saw Charlie with her stocking. I wasn't expecting to see that. You were all so blessed to receive so many nice things.

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