Friday, December 06, 2013

Christmas Decorating Palooza

This is why I've been covered in glitter for the past few weeks! 
(Sorry for the grainy photos all I brought was my ipad for photos)
Decorating other people's houses and businesses for Christmas was fun and gave me lots of great ideas for the future! 
I got really good at balancing on tall ladders.
This is the wine grotto entry I lost my wedding ring in while decorating. I did finally find it but it was a scary thirty minutes in that mansion!
Check out Loree Johns Interiors facebook page for more photos or info!


kmom said...

Great work, Katie. Did you work by yourself or with someone?

Ryan and Katie said...

Most of those were things I did by myself but some were teamwork with Loree and two others

dshrock said...

beautiful!!! great job!!! can you imagine living there?

Ryan and Katie said...

Ha nope, but I was thinking I would be happy if my master bedroom was as big as their master closet :) many times.

Jennifer said...

So beautiful! Those all look great.

Shawn and Becky said...

Fun! Loving decorating without having to worry about what your children might break!

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