Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Let the Christmas Parties begin!

If only I'd been 20 years older I might have dove over the seats to touch him.
Here's the blurry proof.
We went to see Donny and Marie's Christmas Concert for our work party the other night. As cheesy as they are, it was a really good show. And the dinner at Stella before was delicious!

The night before that was our OKC Mom's Blog party and we brought 3 of our favorite things to swap with others. I came home with a new water bottle, colorful socks, and flavoring for water. I took Orbits Sweet Mint Gum and my favorite Sharpie Pens. I enjoyed an evening chatting with other moms, getting gift ideas for my husband and daughter, and eating some good food!

Ryan's Christmas party was today and we are well stocked for dining out this holiday season with various gift cards! There's one more Christmas party this week but the way the weather people are talking it might get cancelled if we are all snowed in....guess we will wait and see! I kind of hope so so I can finally unpack and start decorating our house for Christmas!
(sorry for lack of pictures, I kept forgetting the camera)

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Anonymous said...

I sure wish I were there to babysit while you and Ryan go out and do your partying. Miss you guys. Love, Mom aka Gma

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