Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Newsletter: 51 Months

Dear Olivia,
I would say your milestone this month is that you wrote your full name for the very first time! You usually just sign your name "O" but on Uncle Joe's Christmas gift you wrote out your whole name! Granted it's backwards and the last 3 letters are on top of the first three, but it's your name! I blame the backwards part on your left-handedness, but I'm sure that'll work itself out soon.
We are full into the holiday swing of things and have decorated our rent house, done some Christmas crafts, and went shopping for gifts. I let you take your own money to the Dollar Tree to pick out gifts for our TN relatives. You tried hard to pick things that you though they would like, when I asked if you REALLY thought Grammy would like princess stickers, you said "Yes, she always plays princess stuff with me." True, true. You bought Poppa a big decorative candy cane so now that "Pop with a cane" is gone, you can have "Poppa with a candy cane."
We went to see Santa this weekend and for the first time (since you were 3 months old) you were not afraid of him! You were excited to see him and sat on his lap and smiled so big. He asked what you wanted for Christmas and your reply was "lots of stuff!" Hopefully he'll read that letter you wrote him for the specifics.
You often bring up questions or statements while we are riding in the car and I never know where you hear this stuff from. One day you were asking me about people in jail and if they get to eat and take naps. Another day you asked us "Who doesn't have hands?" I kept repeating that we didn't know anyone without hands and I wasn't understanding your question but you just kept saying louder and LOUDER "NO, WHO doesn't HAVE HANDS?!" Your daddy and I were laughing pretty hard.
You have two Christmas programs coming up next week: one at church and one at your dayschool. I am very excited to see both. You have been singing Christmas songs all around the house, but I'm anxious to see if you will actually sing them once you are on stage in front of others!
Thanksgiving was your first time to be in TN since Pop had passed. When you saw his cane in the dining room you asked why he didn't have it because he needed it to walk. I tried to explain that he didn't need his cane in heaven. Then you asked why we didn't invite him to my birthday party and I told you people from heaven can't come back down to earth. I'm glad you thought to remember him and although I missed him at the holidays I hope the memories will always be with you like they are with me.
A new tradition was started this year with our Elf on the Shelf. You named him Sparkles and are anxious to find where he is hiding each morning. You woke up in the middle of the night one night with a leg cramp and were wailing pretty hard. I was snuggling with you in the bed trying to comfort you when all of a sudden you got real quiet and started staring straight ahead with a look of fright on your face. I realized you were looking at Sparkles silhouette peeking out of your dollhouse and you whispered "I found him" in this creepy voice. Then when you woke up the next night, you were frantic to see if he had moved somewhere else in your room when you noticed he was gone from the dollhouse. I'm hoping the thought of him isn't keeping you up at night too much or scaring you!
We borrowed these headphones for our trip to TN and you wore them around the house all day for a few days. I kept having to talk loudly to you because you couldn't hear me!
This is the last newsletter for 2013. We have had some wonderful memories together this year and as always I have loved seeing you blossom and grow in many areas. I look forward to 2014 but I have so many mixed feelings about it as I know it's the year you will be starting school. I know it's still a long way off in the fall, but I think about it a lot trying to imagine you being there every week day all day and then I about have a panic attack, soooo I just try to remind myself to live in the present and enjoy the days that I have with you and tell myself there will be new blessings that come with school and I will enjoy seeing how much you learn and grow and make new friends as you start that new chapter of your life. I'll try not to get ahead of myself though. :) I love you sweetie!



kmom said...

Wow! Olivia not afraid of Santa Claus! I am so happy that she even sat on his lap and talked to him.

kmom said...

While looking over Olivia's Thanksgiving artwork, I found a paper where she wrote her complete first name in one line. It is written backwards complete with a backwards "L". The capital "I"s have a line across the top but not at the bottom so they look like "T"s.

Shawn and Becky said...

So sweet . . . they grow so fast. School already - even though I know Cameron will love school I was so happy to have him home another year!

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