Monday, December 09, 2013

Room Service Please

For my birthday gift Ryan got me a night all to myself at the Waterford Marriott. I experienced a little bit of guilt as he and Olivia led me up to my room (they drove me and dropped me off because of the icy roads) and she enjoyed 15 minutes of jumping from the furniture and flipping on the bed. But all that guilt quickly left as soon as I settled into the comfy King sized bed and ordered some room service. Then I promptly caught up on blogging, read some of my book, planned Christmas activities in the planner, and got caught up on some TV shows. I thought about using the spa services but I was really enjoying myself without it! Wonderful relaxing birthday gift! Thank you Ryan!
I snapped a few ipad shots for memory's sake.
Just me and my slippers :)
My view from the 7th floor
Ah room service.
I'm not bald I promise, still not a good selfie taker but that cake sure was good!


kmom said...

Room service! What a luxury! On top of a night away from home. Wow! Great husband!


Wow. That sounds like fun! I'll have to tell Troy about that! =)

Michelle said...

maybe I should ask for that for Christmas.....

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