Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saturdays with Santa!

We figured last Saturday would be a great time to go check out Devon's Saturdays with Santa since it was Bedlam and the roads were frozen. Despite it looking pretty barren there was still a 3 hour wait! So we enjoyed the free activities there, then ate pizza at Joey's and headed over to the Bass Pro Santa (Er...he wasn't in two locations...he er...went there after lunch...) 
We enjoyed lots of crafts, live music, Who-ville characters, fun decor and Mrs. Claus storytime. 
A loofah grinch!
As per usual Liv was much braver with Noah around and because she is older now she informed me. She walked right up to Mrs. Claus and Noah told Cindy Loo Who about he and Liv being best friends. 
At Bass Pro we waited less than 5 minutes and got a free print out photo in like 2 seconds. That alone was pretty magical! Liv wasn't afraid of Santa at all for the first time since she was 3 months old! 
He asked what she wanted and she told him "lots of stuff."
Then we rode the carousel and trained for the next reaping of the Hunger Games.

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kmom said...

Not having to wait in line very long probably helped tremendously. He looks like a great Santa.

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