Sunday, December 01, 2013

Tennessee Tri-fecta: Christmas 2013

On Friday we celebrated our tender Tennessee Christmas while we were all together. Mostly we all took turns cuddling with Mary Belle.
Even Ryan got in on that snuggly action!
While some of us played Settlers, Poppa and Liv enjoyed another Disney movie and some Village People fun.
I took some 2 month photos of MB and Liv ruined her eyesight with Poppa's glasses.
And Charlie waited ever so patiently for some food to be dropped.
We managed to do a Christmas Craft with Liv and MB
After dinner it was time to take trees pics and open gifts!
Amy got them these matching purple shirts with two little mice (cousins) playing on a trapeze. So cute!
And even Charlie got a present. We will have to maker her paw print ornament when we get home to OKC.
It was a very Merry TN Christmas!


Shannon said...

I made one of those ornaments with Lucy and jack once and it worked out well.

Anonymous said...

Mary Belle's smile is so cute. And our Olivia is as precious as ever. Glad you had a great Christmas. Can't wait to see the birthday pics. Love, Mom aka Gma

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