Thursday, December 05, 2013

The Decking of the Halls

After getting paid to deck other people's halls for the past few weeks, I finally got to deck my own! While the snowflakes fell, we put up the big tree in our living room and Liv's little tree in her room. Then we ate dinner and watched The Sound of Music Live!
I found room for a few of my favorite Santas painted by my grandmother. 
You will sadly be missing a few characters from our usual decor, I know I am! The troll nativity will hopefully be revived for next year's Christmas in a bigger house. There just isn't much room to put all of our decor out but we did manage to find most of it in the garage! (Still missing our garland for the front porch though) We do plan to do a Christmas Countdown but just with 12 days this year!
 (For a list of OKC holiday activities you can see my post at OKCMB.) 

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Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful trees. Dad and I haven't gotten ours yet. The snow that fell today sure put me in the Christmas spirit though. Miss and love you guys. Mom aka Gma

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