Sunday, December 08, 2013

What's Cooler than Being Cool? ICE COLD!

We got 4 inches of sleet and snow on Thursday, works closed early, traffic was awful and thus the long weekend fun began!
We braved the roads Friday to spend an afternoon sledding and playing at the Vasquezes. 
Who needs a sled when you have cardboard and tupperware lids?!
We moms let the dad's do the climbing of the hills. But we did stay out there the whole time!
The kids weren't the only ones sliding down the slopes!
Then we dried off indoors and played some games while the kiddos watched a Mickey Mouse Christmas movie. I love a good snow day!
(Keeping it real note: Sledding was so much fun but Liv didn't realize playing so rough in the snow for over 30 minutes would completely leave her soaking wet in 20ish degree weather. I was starting to think she might be frost bitten the way she was wailing, I was stripping off her clothes in the car and exhaling hot breath on her toes while she clawed and screamed at me like banshees were attacking her. She settled down after awhile and I think will only have fond memories of this day and so will I!)


kmom said...

You and Jenna look a bit cold. Does Olivia have snow pants and snow boots? Did you play Settlers of Catan on a lazy susan? What a luxery! I wish I could have been there to play the game with you. Thanks for the pictures.

Ryan and Katie said...

No she wore her rain boots and we just layered pants. Yes their lazy susan was the perfect size!

Anonymous said...

I hate that tingley feeling you get when your digits start to thaw. Ouch! Sure looks like you had fun though. Love, Mom aka Gma

Shawn and Becky said...

We had so much fun in our snow. There's totally a sweet spot between fun and frost bite on must find! My favorite part of the post was 'screaming at me like banshees were attacking her' Still has me giggling! I know that scream!

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