Friday, December 13, 2013

Winter Crafts

Last Monday was still a snowy day and it was below freezing out, so we cranked the space heaters and got busy on some Pinterest crafts!
We can't find out garland or wreaths in the garage anywhere and I didn't want the outside of our house to feel neglected from the holiday spirit so we made the door a snowman!
Liv painted the popsicle sticks (which you can cut with scissors FYI) then we glued them together, put ornament buttons on, and added a ribbon loop at the top. Despite having her own tree in her room she wanted to hang this one on the big tree! 
I found this M&M sorting activity to print out and luckily already had the holiday M&M's to use! It was WAY too many to eat but I let her pick a few when we were done and put the rest in a bowl as I'm sure she'll want to make this again!

Elle and Todd came over Wednesday and we made the snowman craft from Jenna's post. Todd fell asleep before I could take his picture with his but they enjoyed this one.

And Charlie watched all the merriment from her spot on the couch.
None of these activities took as long as I'd hoped they would, but every little bit counts on snowy cold days!


Shannon said...

Love your cute door snowman!

kmom said...

That door d├ęcor is super! Great crafts for Olivia. I was thinking she was gluing the M&Ms on the wreath, but then that would be messier to do. I liked Olivia's snowman picture the best, and she even wrote her name from left to right. Good progress!

kmom said...

I like seeing Olivia when she is so intent on her art work. I will try to set aside some of my spare buttons for her. Maybe Santa will bring some next year.

Anonymous said...

I too LOVE the door decor. Give my sweetie a kiss from Grandma. Glad you're having a very merry holiday season.

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