Monday, January 06, 2014

Book Review: Best of 2013

I like to go back through my book reviews and do a "Best Of" list at the beginning of the New Year. Here was my list from 2012. My full list from 2013 can be seen over at OKC Mom's Blog today.

Besides spending some quality time with Holden as I like to do each year, the last book of 2013 I read was Daring Greatly and it is one of those books I wish the whole world would read. Seriously. Brene' Brown inspires others through her research done on vulnerability. Though it's usually considered a weakness, vulnerability is the best asset we have to become better leaders, parents, teachers, friends, co workers, and people. It's all about connection. If you need to see a synopsis in action just google some of her Ted Talks then have deep discussions with people you love...and hate! Read it then pass it on! I give it a 10.
My post was getting lengthy over at OKCMB so some other honorable mentions of my favs from this year include Life of Pi, The Power of Habit, and The Fault in Our Stars.

What is on your book list for 2014?
Rules of rating can be seen here.

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