Thursday, January 02, 2014

Day at the Water Zoo

Ryan was home the whole week between Xmas and New Years and we decided to take a surprise family trip (a surprise only to Olivia) to an indoor water park in Clinton, which is about an hour west of here. Why did they build an awesome water park in a small town? I have no idea, but there were virtually no lines and we had an awesome time! Despite being called a Water Zoo there are no live animals there...but a few fun statues of some.

My little girl amazed me once again at how brave she is! She is exactly 42" tall which is what you have to be to go down the BIG slides. She tried each slide with us in the double inner tubes and then she braved them on her own in a single tube! She barely weighed enough to hold them down and even flipped out once going down the big dark funnel, but floated out just fine right in front of her inner tube with a smile on her face and raced up the stairs to do it again!
And the day got even better when we found out Clinton has a Dairy Queen!! 
Liv thought we were going home after that and we could have but we decided to stay in a hotel which made her light up more than Christmas morning I think! We jumped on beds, then watched Enchanted (I honestly don't know how she didn't fall asleep after all that activity of the day, but she stayed up!), got a great night's sleep, then of course ate continental breakfast and watched cartoons in the morning. We crammed in a little bit of antique shopping before heading home. I think we need to make a surprise trip somewhere every year. So much fun!

Now that we've tried the smaller water park I guess we can tackle Great Wolf Lodge soon!


Anonymous said...

That sure sounds like a lot of fun! You guys are terrific and we sure missed you at Christmas but excited to see you in a couple of months! Happy New Year! Love, Aunt Denise

kmom said...

Looks like you picked a great place to go, since you all had tons of fun. I'm so surprised at Olivia's bravery, especially since she didn't have a little friend with her to boost her courage.

Anonymous said...

Would that be the Great Wolf Lodge in Washington or is there one around there? That sure looks like a fun vacation you guys had. Olivia's just a little fish isn't she. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

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