Thursday, January 15, 2015

Liv Lately

Dear Olivia,
I know it's been awhile since I've written you a letter but I've been keeping copious notes on all the fun things you do and say so I'm sure I will have plenty to fill this with! It might even be a tad too long, but knowing you, I don't think you'll tire of hearing stories about yourself! The biggest change since the last letter is that you found out you are going to be a big sister, and you have been jumping up and down about this ever since. You have had many great questions about how she's growing and what she's doing and how she got in there and how she's getting out and it's been a great learning experience for all of us! You got to accompany me to an ultrasound last week and although I really don't think you understood what you were seeing we got some great shots, and I'm happy to say everyone thinks she looks just like you! You want to share a room with her and we plan to make that happen once she's out of her bassinet in our room. You are constantly wanting to carry babies and/or toddlers around at church or school and I have no doubt that you will be a huge help. You love to cuddle my belly and never let us part without giving it a kiss and hug. This month has been fun and she is very active and you can feel her move lots.
My only fear is that it will be hard for you to go back to school once she's born! You have had a lot of anxiety about being away from me and even refused an amazing birthday trip in November with your best bud to Great Wolf Lodge because you didn't want to leave me and the baby. No matter how many times I told you we would be find and it would just be a short trip you were not about to leave us. You ask a lot if you can sleep in the hospital at the foot of my bed when the time comes and seem worried about the time we will be apart while I'm there. I know it's going to be a huge change for our family, but I hope all the conversations we've had will help prepare you for it!
Some of your favorite things to do right now include gymnastics, working on your "dance moves" in the mirror, playing games (even harder ones like Skip-bo), drawing princesses (tons and TONS of papers every day with princesses on them), and writing. Most days in the car you have to have some kind of notebook and writing utensil because even a 5 minute trip down the road is wasted to you if you can't be drawing a princess or sounding out words. You have gotten really good at writing your family's names. We are SOOO close to being done with your 100 reading lessons. We take breaks from it every now and then but only 9 more to go and then we get to go to Chuckie Cheese as a reward. It has continued to be a challenge for the both of us and I've had to adjust my methods several times, but you are doing great!
Your energy level is through the roof most days and the colder weather has been hard as you really need a lot of physical activity and outdoor time. Last Sunday your daddy and I both wanted to nap after church so I asked you how many times you thought you could run the stairs in our house and then I'd let you watch a movie (while we napped!) You thought about it and then said 100. That was WAY more than what I thought you could do and there is no way I would have MADE you stick to that promise, but not only did you stick to refused to let one flight count as one. So you went up AND down the stairs to count as 1. We let you do that 70 times and then your daddy made you count 1 up 2 down 3 up 4 down you wouldn't pass out. But I don't think you would have. You finished in about 20 min. and we were laughing and amazed that not only did you do it....but you STILL had energy. You were ready to do somersaults and bounce on your ball and do handstands. It must have inspired us because we didn't nap, but ended up taking down all the Christmas decor and cleaning the house while you watched a movie!
Besides carrying babies around, you have become very fond of our dog lately. While we were in Idaho for Xmas you were obsessed with carrying around the cats and Grandma's new tiny dog so when we got home it wasn't much of a surprise that you realized...."Oh we actually have a dog too!" You can't pick her up but you cuddle her and pet her and trap her in your room with various methods and cover her with blankets and although Charlie has never been that fond of children (she's more or less just tolerated you), I think the attention is starting to grow on her. She growls much less now and I actually think is starting to welcome your advances. This could be good since both of you will probably be receiving less attention in a few weeks!
School continues to be a struggle with you and I mainly chalk it up to you not being a morning person. You cry a lot in the mornings and not a day goes by without the phrase "I hate school" but it's such a conundrum because you never have a problem bouncing out of the car and running in to see your friends in the morning. And when you come home you eagerly tell me about what you learned or did and you show me all the crafts and drawings you made. I think you have a good time when you are there, but I do think you'd rather sleep in and be home with me. Most days I would rather you be here with me too, but I like your school and teachers and I think you are blossoming so much there that even though it's hard for both of's a good thing to keep going.
Your pretty amazing first school photos! A forced smile only a mother could love!
I'm so glad that you still love to snuggle me in the mornings and although it's harder for you to fit in my lap...because you are bigger and my belly is bigger, we still manage!
Even daddy still gets snuggles from you!
Here are some of the funny things you've said over the past few months:
Me: "How much snow do you think fell today?"
Liv: "All of it."
(can't argue there!)

(after listening to Rudolph 100 times over Christmas...)
Liv: "Who is Ponopoly and what is a Columbus?!"

Liv: (Patting my belly) "Mom you're just like a camel with one hump."

Liv: "I couldn't spit my toothpaste out tonight mommy so I swallowed it"
Me: "Why can't you spit?"
Liv: "Because I'm chewing gum"
Me: "Did you brush your teeth with gum in your mouth?"
Liv: "Uhhh.....yeah"
Liv: "Mom why were you crying this morning?"
Me: "Hormones make you emotional"
Liv: "Hor-mom? You were a hor-mom?"
Me: "No! That's not what I said, the word is horMONE"
Liv: "Ohhhhh.....You were a horrible mom?"
Me: "sure"

(Playing in the jail at the children's museum)
Me: "Why are you smiling in jail? You should be sad"
Liv: "I'm happy like Paul and Silas!"
(Listening to "On Top of Old Smokey"
Liv: "What's a lover?"
Me: "Uhhhhhh...."
Liv: "The song said lover, what's a lover?"
Me: "Someone you love"
Liv: "But it's a kid singing, he's too young to have a lover"
Me: "That is true"

Me: "Make sure you wash your hands, so you don't get sick"
Liv: "But mom, I love being sick, I get to lay on the couch and watch like 40 movies"

Liv: "We made cards for the shut-downs at church tonight"
Me: "I think you mean shut-ins"
I look forward to this new year and all the joy it will bring our family. I know there will be a lot of change and hard times most likely as we adjust to being a family of four, but I look forward to seeing you in the role as a big sister. And even though there is a new baby on the are still my baby too and you always will be. You light up my life, challenge me to be a better person, bring a smile to my face, and a soft spot to my heart. I love you sweet girl!


kmom said...

Dear Olivia,
I rocked you as a tiny baby in that rocking chair you can now sit in and rock yourself with one or both feet touching the floor while you read a book. I love you! Love, Grammy

Jennifer said...

I love reading your updates on Liv. I can't believe how grown-up she is looking.

GmaakaMom said...

This Grandma loves that smile, forced or not. Thank you for this post. It made me laugh and cry. Olivia, you are getting so big and so beautiful and so smart. I love you very much. You'll always be a princess to me. Love, Grandma

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