Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Mary Belle's First Visit to OKC!

She brought her mom and dad with her, but someday I hope her mom will ship her to me for a week in the summer all by herself! And maybe I'll ship Liv to her ;) We had a grand ol' time and Mary Belle got to experience her first movie (Frozen), her first trip to Chic-fil-A, her first bath with her cousin and her first swing at the park! 
Matching shirts!
Amy and Joe stayed in a nearby hotel so we got to enjoy their pool twice! 
Someone REALLY enjoyed holding her little cousin.

We surprised Grammy and skyped with her...she had changed a little since we'd seen her last! 
Before the icy winds and snow came we had one nice day of sunshine and headed to the park. 
Then we all experienced a first as we walked the OKC Sky Dance bridge. 
One day there will be a cool park there to enjoy too but til then this bridge is pretty cool by itself. And it's right beside one of my favorite buildings in OKC. Union Station. 
I still haven't been inside but I'm putting it on my list of things to do. Someone from Amy and Joe's church in TN was coincidentally getting married at our church in OKC so while they went to a wedding we got to babysit! 
Liv washed MB's hair and body all by herself. They both loved it.
Mary Belle is so chubby and cute and I love how she sleeps with her arms up by her head. She is a good snuggler but she also just likes to be by herself and wiggle on her back. She has some great smiles and I look forward to seeing her again!
Can you tell I've been utilizing my camera phone?


kmom said...

Is Olivia dressed up for church or ? Looks like you all had a fun and interesting time. If you call MB chubby, then she must have gained some plump since I last saw her. Hopefully I can check that out this weekend.

Ryan and Katie said...

it was just for church.

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