Friday, January 10, 2014

Newsletter: 52 Months

Dear Olivia,
This month has been full of so much fun. We've really crammed a lot into 30 days! We celebrated Christmas, saw a few movies, went to a water park, played with new Christmas toys and board games, and had a visit from Mary Belle! Daddy was home for a whole week and we enjoyed the extra family time together. While the hustle and bustle of the holidays were nice, there's also something to be said for getting back in a routine and I'm also thankful we are getting back to that this week!
You love your little cousin so much!
Even though our family celebrates Christmas, your favorite holiday CD was definitely the Hanukkah one Aunt Amy got us as a random gift. All season long you sang songs about the Macabees, dreidels, and the kenorah (menorah). I think you even picked up some other Hebrew phrases from the album. It lead me to look up lots of things about the Jewish holiday online! I appreciate your enthusiasm for making our family more culturally diverse.
Biting into a coooold icicle!
You are finally into me fixing your hair. I've always brushed and styled it but now you want me to blow dry it, or use my straightener if it's out, or you ask for specific styles. You sit still more easily and you were totally enthralled at all the salon girly activities when we got our hair trimmed this month. I think we might go back sooner than a year this time! The only thing you detest about your hair is the winter static. You really freeeeak out about it at times so I try to just have it pulled back when we go out with mittens and scarves to avoid a meltdown!
This month you also seem to be a little obsessed about when each meal of the day is. You get them all confused and don't understand why I don't want you to have chicken nuggets for breakfast or why breakfast isn't at dinner time. And when we wake up will it be lunch or breakfast? And after lunch is it dinner or bedtime? We go over these things a lot.
My picky eater loves to drink kombucha
Your legs have really been bothering you this month more than usual but I'm pretty sure I know why. You've grown so much taller! We had just gotten some hand me downs from a church friend and you were already growing out of the new pants! Thankfully she gave us some more a few weeks later and those fit you better. Maybe your height will taper off and your legs will quit aching so much. Otherwise we might be sharing clothes sooner than I thought!
This week you were running a low fever which always makes for restless nights. You were grinding your teeth extra loudly and having terrible nightmares that you woke up trembling and sobbing from. Then you were scared to go back to sleep. I kept asking if you wanted to talk about your dreams and you said no. I asked if something scary or sad or frightening happened and you never would answer. At the breakfast table the next morning you told me you were ready to talk about your dreams. I said ok what happened? You said "No, I just want YOU to talk about my dreams." I tried to explain that only the person who dreams the dream knows what happens, but you seemed very confused.
Scooting around the neighborhood
We checked out some of those Bob books for early reading from the library and have been working on some simple sight words. Some days you are excited to do them but when you aren't I don't push it. You have many of your own books memorized though and I hear you reciting them to your dolls in your bedroom.
Real men play Pretty, Pretty Princess!
Noah's Gigi recently found some old girly board games at her house that were popular when I was a kid. You have loved playing Pretty, Pretty Princess (especially with daddy!) and wearing the funky finger nails around the house. I love your girly girl side but I also love that you are such a daredevil. You are so brave and are constantly jumping off stairs in public from high heights or attempting new things on your scooter that leave you tumbling to the pavement. You just jump up usually and say "I'm ok mom!" I hope you will always find pleasure in doing the things that you love, girly or not, as you find out more about yourself along the way and I hope I can help you and encourage you in all that you do as your mom and number one fan!
I love you!


kmom said...

Dear Olivia,
I'm glad your Daddy and Mama help you have lots of fun and interesting experiences. I love you! Grammy

Anonymous said...

52 months??? Isn't that 4 years and 4 months??? I can't believe it. Wish I could be there to witness all of your changes and special moments but I am so thankful that your mommy is such a wonderful blogger so I can keep up with you in this technological age. Such a beautiful, sweet girl. Loads of love. Grandma

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