Friday, January 03, 2014

Off to a Good Start!

We really enjoyed having Ryan home for a week. We played lots of games together, played at Noah's house, went to see The Hobbit while Lulu took the kids to see Walking with Dinosaurs. We took a normal trip to the library but it was so much more special since Daddy got to be there! She introduced him to her favorite puppets and he helped her play some computer games that I'm

always too frustrated to figure out with her! 
A random warm sunny day...thus the game outdoors and the squinty eyes!
We have also been having fun with friends. We had a slumber party in Seminole. She got to spend an extra long time playing with Ben, Des, and G. And I got to spend an EXTRA long time chatting with Lo which is always much needed! Then in the morning we got to see the Wellness Center where Lo teaches Yoga and I went to her class while the kids played in the children's area. Such a fun time!
Beautiful Seminole Sunsets
G helping me practice my selfie skills
Liv misses Keely so much now that she's in school so we got another play date in before the break is over. They shared their new Christmas toys and then cuddled up to watch a cartoon.
I got no pictures but we rang in the New Year with some friends of the Vasquezes in their neighborhood. We only stayed til about 10:30 then we rescued Lulu and took Liv home where she promptly crashed but it was a fun evening. 
And the New Year just keeps getting better because look who came to visit me!!!


Anonymous said...

Was Amys visit a surprise? How wonderful. Love to all. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

Great way to start off the year!

Ryan and Katie said...

They decided to come a few days before so it wasnt a surprise. :)

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