Monday, January 27, 2014

Quit Playing Games with my Heart!

Weather. Global Warming. Polar Vortex Schmortex. Whatever you wanna call it. I can't stand the up and down of it all. I feel like our atmosphere is a 13 year old pubescent girl right now.

Thankfully this wacky weather gave us two marvelous 70 degree days (in between two frigid temp days) this weekend in which we wore short sleeves, went to the park, and threw the bone to the dog so many times she got blisters on her paws. Now the space heaters are back on, my rent house is barely staying at 68, and I'm huddled under the covers with a rice bag and heating pad dreaming of a sunny beach.

Other things we've been up to with no photos to share (I'm slacking on the job lately)

  • Girl's night Friday where Liv and I watched The Prince of Egypt....if you want to get asked a bazillion questions by a 4 year old then watch this movie. Including "But why did God kill children?" We did enjoy it though, tough questions and all! 
  • Ryan skipped out on girls' night and enjoyed playing Artemis at some church event. 
  • Lunch with one of my ol' college roomies.
  • A meeting with our mortgage lender.
  • Play date with Noah at the park.
  • Vacuuming dog hair off the sofa. Crafting another dog out of all the hair we collected...ok maybe not that part.
  • Two awesome Zumba classes with my favorite Zumba teacher.
  • Game night and dinner with the Baileys.
  • Church x 2. Including teaching Liv's class (11 total!). Those kids are a hoot.
  • A Sunday brunch at the Cowboy Museum with the Vasquez, Pluess, and Deatsch peoples.
  • Getting caught up on Parenthood and Downton Abby.
It was a really fun and warm weekend which made the fact that Ryan had to go back to work today and the weather dropped 50 degrees almost unbearable. Sounds like a pretty typical Monday! At least we squeezed in a trip to the library and a lunch date with Janine and baby Noah in between our shifts by the space heaters today!


kmom said...

Wow! You had a busy weekend with lots of fun in it! Those sticky rollers pick up lots of dog hairs too. Maybe Olivia can use one to help.

Anonymous said...

Loved catching up at lunch! We really need to get together more often!

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