Saturday, January 18, 2014


As much as I love the holiday merriment and fun changes to our schedule...I really also like getting back into a routine. I have missed so many classes at the gym over the past few weeks and my body has felt it upon my triumphal return. Liv has enjoyed going back to school and re-connecting with her friends. I enjoy our slower paced mornings and days at home together. My two day work schedule has returned to normal without the Christmas decorating chaos. Ryan's morning gym ritual with Beezo is back on track. I can do laundry, library visit, and grocery shopping on the appointed days. I'm back to reading. We've had play dates with friends. Yep although the "holiday depression" can often kick in, I find January to be little therapeutic in our return to normalcy!
And then there's always the never ending house hunt....that is actually a routine I'd like to be done with! 

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