Monday, February 17, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

I was so excited when I got tickets to Beauty and the Beast at the Civic Center a few weeks ago. I wanted to keep it a surprise and we didn't tell Liv until a few minutes before we left last night. We borrowed her friend's Belle dress (which is why it's not even on right!), put her hair in a fancy princess up-do, and our chauffeur dropped us off so we didn't have to find a place to park or walk (Thanks Ryan!).
She got so many compliments from people we passed by, but she was too dazed to even understand or reply to most of them. There were lots of little girls there and some dressed up like Belle too. Liv was mesmerized the whole show and only got a little scared of the Beast in one part.
During intermission she said "I really like this movie!" We were sitting so far away I think it did look like a movie screen to her! I explained that it was a play (then she kept calling it a plague) and those were real people down there! When the confetti shot out she lamented that she didn't get a piece for her "klekshun." She decided that the Belle there wasn't the "REAL Belle" because she didn't have a bun in her hair. We agreed that she was probably just someone dressed up like her ;)
The whole way home she kept asking when we would get to see it again. It was a late night, but she was a trooper and I'm so glad we got to see it together!


kmom said...

Wow! What a dress! Such a kind friend to let Olivia borrow it. Glad you could both go and Ryan was willing to chauffeur. Fun!

The Moores said...

Fun! And Olivia, you look beautiful as Belle.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful memories for that sweet little princess. Love, Mom aka Gma

Michelle said...

So glad she enjoyed it! Charlie, David's daughter called it a movie too!

Shawn and Becky said...

Gorgeous and so fun!

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