Sunday, February 16, 2014

Book Review

The Wrong Mother. Not my usual genre but Lo let me borrow it because her book club had read it so I checked it out. It's a creepy mystery about a murder and an affair and a doppelganger mommy mix up and it kept me turning pages pretty frantically for awhile.You know those bad thoughts that every mother might have from time to time where they resent their kids or life as a mother but they NEVER would say them out loud because they would sound like the devil? This book says all that stuff. That alone might have been scarier than the murder. It was an alright book but I really was getting confused with how many police officers and detectives were on the case and there was a bit of a side story with them that I cared nothing about. I give it a 6. It'd be a great Lifetime movie. Is that still a channel?

Weird. Our Wednesday ladies class has been reading this book. Basically normal people in our country are stressed, overworked, in debt, unhappy in their relationships, etc. and the author is encouraging us to be different, to be weird. To find simplicity in living how Jesus wanted us to. As I worried about certain issues with our house (especially monetary ones) I found myself going back to re-read passages that were especially meaningful to me right now and it helped me focus and worry less. Lot of great reminders and underlined passages and lots of great discussion. I give it a 7.5

Orphan Train. I listened to this book club pick of the month and loved it. I found myself sitting in my car longer at the gym parking lot or in my driveway so I could hear more of the tale each time! An unlikely friendship forms between a rebellious teenage foster child and the 91 year old woman whose house she is sent to do community service in. As she helps the woman go through her attic, the story of her trip to America and then later on an orphan train as she tries to find a family who will take her in begins to unfold. The two find common ground and an inter-generational bond develops as the foster girl helps her find healing with modern technology. Such a great story, and I'm sure much of it is based on fact. (The only thing I didn't like was the terrible Irish accent the audio book lady would try to occasionally have). I give it a 9 and recommend it to everyone...well maybe just women.

Scream-free Parenting. A dad at church was actually talking to Ryan and I about this book and highly recommended it (not because he heard us screaming at Liv...I don't think.) It was a pretty big eye opener about what our roles as parents actually are, why we get frustrated with our kids, and that it's usually not about them, it's about us. I even mentioned it in a post on OKCMB. I give it a 10. I need to buy my own copy to go back and re-read and highlight so on those days when I find myself counting to 10 and taking lots of deep breaths I can have a refresher course!

The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches. I also listened to this one on CD and think it may have contributed to me not liking it as well. The voice was not what I had in mind for fearless Flavia. The beginning and end of this were quite interesting but most of the middle part I couldn't have cared less about. I will continue on in the series though as I am a Flavia fan but I don't recommend this one unless you started at the beginning! It does have quite a bit of family history in it and new facts about Harriet and the DeLuce family that are revealed. I'm still waiting for it to be a BBC series.I give it a 6 and hope the next one is better!

Chapter Books we've been reading with Liv
The Four Ugly Cats in Apartment 3d. I was looking for an appropriate Judy Blume book that maybe we could read when Liv snatched this one off the shelf and begged to get it. So we did and it was pretty cute. A young girl in an apartment complex is desperately trying to find a home for the cats that a cranky neighbor left behind when he abruptly died. She has 3 days before the landlord is going to rent the unit. There wasn't much of a moral to this story but it was entertaining.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Can you believe Ryan and I had never read this book? Liv was drawn in from page one. She has never sat so still during any book reading. Occasionally throughout the day she would say "I wonder what's gonna happen to Lucy or Tumnus tonight." I wanted to cheat and read some in the day but I waited until before bedtime so Ryan could be there. As the book went on, some parts were a little drawn out and less exciting but we enjoyed it as a family! The forward in the book from Lewis to his goddaughter almost made me teary eyed. We watched the movie together on Valentine's Day when we had finished the book, I thought it might be too scary for Liv but she did fine with it and liked it. We are reading more in the series now.

What are you reading?
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