Friday, February 21, 2014

Daddy/Daughter Date Night

I hear it was good times but I don't know because I wasn't there! Ryan took Liv to go see the Lego movie, then to Taco Bell, and then to the banquet at Mayfair. She wore her favorite dress accompanied with some other interesting articles of clothing. The sugar high led to a sugar coma that she is now in even as I type.....
 She seriously looks at least 6 or 7 in these photos and it hurts my heart a bit.
 These girls are rarely still together. You can usually find them chasing each other through pews after Sunday service and diving off the pulpit.
 I'm glad her daddy took pics so I could see all the fun!

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Anonymous said...

Two of my favorite people in the whole world. Such a handsome couple. I'm sitting here looking at the picture of them at last years banquet on that wonderful calendar I got for Christmas. Olivia sure has grown this year. Still as beautiful as ever. Love, Mom aka Gma

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