Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Don't Put Metal in the Science Oven!!

Ms. Jeri was so sweet to watch Liv on Saturday so Ryan and I could have a date. We had a late fried lunch at the Drum Room. Yes I did order the chicken and waffles and yes it was delicious and no I have no idea how many calories it is.
It's a pretty fun interior. I like the "drum" shades. :)
Then we perused some antique stores on Western. This used to be my fav but it's changed a lot since I was here last. Some good finds but a bit too much new stuff for my liking and a bit pricey.
Ryan and I are slowly making our way through the Oscar nominee movies. 3 down, lots more to go! We saw American Hustle and thanks to a mix up in our ticket purchases got to see Christian Bale's extra 40 pounds from the front row! Haven't been that close to the screen in awhile but my eyes adjusted and my neck suffered no permanent damage! Any view is ok as long as I have this stud by my side!
And as per usual Liv did NOT want to leave Jeri and Gayle's house when we got there to pick her up! Jeri promised she could come back soon...guess that means I'll get another date soon! It's what we call a win/win situation!


kmom said...

What about metal in the science oven?

Ryan and Katie said...

Its a quote from the movie

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