Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gymboree with OKCMB

Thanks to OKC Mom's Blog and their awesome monthly playdates, we got to have a fun and FREE afternoon at Gymboree yesterday. We had never been before, but Liv ran around non stop for 2 hours and was crying when we left. It was basically her idea of heaven: things to climb on, soft surfaces to land on, music, bubbles, friends and snacks!
She did manage to be still long enough to get these shots at the photo booth. Noah's eyebrows are just so expressive!
I'd like to say she napped so hard after that...but those napping days are LONG gone. I do think she slept well last night at least! For more fun play dates check the facebook page for upcoming events in the city each month!


Anonymous said...

More great fun in OKC. I love that girl. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

The Gymboree looks like lots of fun. Great Valentine pictures with Noah and Olivia.

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