Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just Don't Go!

Parodies are truly a part of my soul (right Kassi?) so when I saw this one I had to share with Liv, and Ryan and now you...but you've probably already seen it. We have now watched it probably as many times as the real song from Frozen! Liv loves it, and so do I! We seriously could have been famous in college, Kassi...was YouTube even around then?
 I usually don't post so many internet videos but house closing got delayed, packing up the rent house, Women's Retreat this weekend...and I'm speaking at it, and Oscar party occupying my mind!


The Moores said...

sooo funny! Thanks for sharing :)

kmom said...

How amusing! A traffic guy that can sing! I think I would like it even better after I see the movie and hear the songs.

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