Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Newsletter: 53 Months

Dear Olivia,
This might have been the coldest month of your life! We have had so much snow and frigid temps and days of staying cooped up indoors THISCLOSE to the space heaters. I think you might enjoy it because the electronic time gets a bit lax as I quickly run out of things to do! I however dislike the cold and have stated out loud that "I hate snow." You are quick to say "Mooom, we don't say hate." I always reply that it's not ok to hate people but we can most definitely hate snow.
With the cold weather have come the Winter Olympics though and that is a plus! (And another reason the TV is on more often!) We had a fun Olympic party and have enjoyed talking about and watching different sports. The other night when ice skating was on you were getting frustrated and said "Where are the pretty ladies? I'm tired of all these glittery men."
This month your outfit selections have gotten much much more interesting as you want to wear a dress EVERY day. You understand it's cold though so you will often put on any long sleeved shirt, leggings or pants or tights, and then a summer dress on top of it all. So many patterns, colors, and textures all at once. I try SO very hard to roll with it. I admire your fashionable spirit and yet sometimes it is a bit frightening! On Sunday though you have two favorite dresses that I only allow you to wear on Sunday or to special occasions and you alternate between those two every week! You love them so much, sometimes you get very upset and teary when you talk about how you don't want to grow because then your dresses won't fit you anymore!

One Sunday morning you actually asked for my opinion on your choice of dresses. You came in holding two dresses up on hangers saying "this one or that one mom?" I picked one and you said "Hmmm I prefer the other." Prefer? When did you start saying "prefer"?! You then managed to make it part of every sentence for the next five minutes.
As you drug all of the clothes out of your closet the other day (to show Aunt Amy some of your upcoming summer ensembles over Skype of course) I mentioned that I hoped you were hanging them all back up in your closet. You told me that you needed to lay them all out. I said "for what?" You said "for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" Your daddy and I and Aunt Amy laughed pretty hard about that. I am not sure what you meant by that but I'm sure you're just using the Olympics against me somehow!
I don't know how this is possible, but we entered Toys R Us for the very first time this month. We had to exchange a CD player after it malfunctioned. Daddy took you the first time to replace it...then that one malfunctioned.... so I took you the second time (we got a completely different kind and it has held up quite nicely). I didn't realize I had never been in a Toys R Us, as an adult at least, but I was in awe and walking through the aisles in amazement. I guess since you had just been there with your father you weren't as awestruck as I was. Before I knew it you yelled "MOM! STOP! NO! Daddy says we do NOT go down that aisle!!" I looked where I was headed and saw it was the Bratz doll aisle. Good job Ryan. And good job for listening and obeying Olivia!
We had been reading about Moses in the Bible and when I saw the animated Prince of Egypt was on Netflix I decided we should watch it together one night. I figured it would tell the story on as PG of a level as it could and it did do a good job, even though it wasn't 100% accurate. You had SOOO many questions through the whole movie. Even though we had read about the king killing baby boys and Moses living with Pharaoh and the Red Sea parting, the movie really did make the story come to life for you. I answered all your questions as best I could, but at bed time that night you were still troubled and when we said our prayers you really wanted to pray for Pharoah's son and people hurt by the plagues. You've been asking to watch it again ever since but I might need your daddy for theological back up this time!
You seem to be getting into some mischief this month: drawing on furniture, breaking toys, dumping out all your Bubble bath...all over the bathroom, then trying to clean it up yourself. I thought we were past that destructive stage of life! You've also started lying about certain thing this month and that has been a tough challenge to explain to you why it's important to be honest. It may not seem like a big deal to say you washed your hands when you didn't, or took something that we told you not to take, but honesty is a part of your character and each decision we make can either build our character up or tear it down. Little lies can turn into bigger lies. Although we are not perfect parents, I pray your father and I help model honesty to you and that God gives us the right loving words to say even when we are frustrated with you.
I am happy to say that I think by the time I write your next letter we will be moving into a permanent house that we have bought! (So the next letter might be a little late!) We hadn't taken you to see it yet, but on the day of the appraisal you got to come for a brief moment. It was at the end of the inspection and everyone was wanting to lock up and leave so I was showing you around quickly and wanted you to see your room (your upstairs room which has been requested by you many many times), you started crying as I hurried you through saying you didn't want to leave. You loved the house and wanted to stay. I was trying to explain that we would eventually, but we needed to move our stuff in first! Trust me sweet girl, I'm ready to be settled too! I'm ready to unpack our clothes and toys that have been in our garage for 6'll be better than Christmas! I'm ready to have our evenings back and not have to schedule meals and other things around appointments to look at houses with our Realtor. I'm ready to make a house a home and for all the memories that we will make in it together.
P.S. You are STILL rocking that Hanukkah CD.


Anonymous said...

Growing into such a sweet beautiful girl. Grandma loves you Olivia.

kmom said...

I love you, Olivia! I hope after you get dressed you look in the full length mirror to see if that is the way you want to look. Sending you a big hug and kiss for Valentine's Day. Love, Grammy

Shawn and Becky said...

Love the Olympic picture. She's adorable. It's amazing how much they continue to 'test' if you will what is and isn't okay. It doesn't stop!and Hooray a house, need to do some blog catching up!

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