Monday, February 03, 2014


Danielle thought she'd try something new and hosted a Crips and Bloods banquet at our church for Mothers and Sons. I helped decorate with these gang related bandannas, then took photos of the gangsters who ran around destroying things while we tried to make order of things.
Seriously if I saw these hoodlums on the street I'd be scared.
He may be young but he can high tail it in the get away vehicle.  
Todd's even too gangsta to wear clothes. I actually had to force pants on him for this photo. He held a gun to my head afterward and put me in my place. Thankfully he let me go after I gave him a candy. 
(Ok maybe it was a Mother/Son Rodeo theme but it really could have gone either way. And gangs are no laughing matter so don't laugh at this post and don't ever join one.)


Anonymous said...

Good disclaimer at the end. She looks like a little cowgirl instead of a gang memeber. I sure love that little cowgirl. Mom aka GMa

kmom said...

I'm glad the real theme was Rodeo, gangs are horrible.

kmom said...

What are little girls doing at a Mother/Son banquet? A boy with no shirt and a girl with a thick winter coat. What a contrast!

Ryan and Katie said...

We were decorating before the banquet. We left long before it really began.

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