Saturday, February 08, 2014

Winter Olympics 2014

In keeping with tradition of the past 2 Olympics, we had an opening ceremony watch party. 
This time we hosted it, in our tiny house, which was a challenge but it worked! Here's the cast of characters in attendance. 
Liv and I had a fun and educational crafty week as we made decorations for the event. 
The rings are painted paper plates. The torch is construction paper and tissue paper. We looked up various country flags then made the ones we liked best with crayons and construction paper. Liv even designed her own "Olivia" country flag. The skiier is a mixed media project of all sorts of things. 
We still had our headbands from the last olympics and made gold medals to wear too.
We decorated our little statue man, made a ring colored paper chain, and laurel wreath (paper plate and construction paper) to decorate the viewing area.
Everyone brought a themed food and they were pretty spectacular. 
We had a various assortment of torches: corndog torches, popcorn torches, and orange sherbet torches. The gold medals were probably my fav by Lauren. (Golden Oreos and Fruit by the Foot)
Danielle did an assortment of veggie and cheese in the ring colors. 
And I made a fruit pizza with the rings.
After we ate the kids all got to make torches with tp rolls and tissue paper.
They watched the ceremony for a few parts but mainly just played/trashed Olivia's room. Todd briefly came out in a dress and flashed us at random times.
The ceremony went on a tad bit longer than I expected so we didn't even see the whole thing but it's a fun tradition and I'm excited to see the events ahead over the next few days! Liv is already practicing her ice dancing routine on her daddy's shoulders!


Anonymous said...

Is it really time for the Olympics again, Already?! I'll probably miss it again this year. We're enjoying be homebound because of the snow storm though. Love you guys. Mom aka Gma

kmom said...

I like seeing Olivia in her dress from China Town.

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