Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dream Come True

For years my mother has been trying to get me to whittle down my toys and belongings and clothes that I've left at home. In college she even tried to turn giving up my stuff into some sort of game by putting these colorful dots with different categories on the wall in my closet. Little by little I've let go of lots of things but some of it I was adamant had to stay. My Barbies were among these items. I always said that one day I wanted my kids to be able to play with them...duh! Obviously they would want to because I loved them, so no matter how dated their clothes or looks, they would be fun for my offspring too right? Well my dream came true this week as we finally unveiled the glory of Barbie-land to Olivia. And I guessed correctly. She loved to play with them as much as me! (Plus it was enough fun and distraction that I only heard one remark about Seymour all day!)
 We eased her into it showing only a few dolls and clothes at first. Then the next day I brought out more accessories and the cars. Maybe tomorrow I will open up the wedding attire for her! We might argue over who gets to be the bride though. I have a feeling she will pick Totally Hair Barbie when clearly it should be Dr. Barbie or Maxie. The dress does look pretty good on California Barbie though. Skipper's just too young and Mrs. Heart is already married of course.
We had some great conversations while playing with them, setting up their house, and changing their clothes multiple times.
Liv: One of these Barbies hates people
Me: Why do you say that.
Liv: Just look at her face. She has a mean look on it and that's how you know she hates people
(That's Grammy's Barbie and I guess that's just how people's faces in the 60s looked...maybe before women's lib?)
Liv: Why does this man have a ponytail?
Me: Well that's Jordan from New Kids on the Block. The doll is based on a real person who was in a band that mommy liked as a kid and the real Jordan had a ponytail (I didn't introduce the word rat tail to her)
Liv: You LIKED him?
Me: Yes I liked the music and the band and him
Liv: So he was your BOYFRIEND?
Me: No I never met him. I just liked his music like you like different Cd's that you have
Liv: So you were MARRIED to him?
Me: No! I never met him
Liv: What does he smell like?
Me: What?! The doll? Maybe plastic?
Liv: Just put this sparkly coat on him

I know Barbies have had their bad wrap in the media but honestly despite the freakish body proportions, they seem quite innocent compared to the things many kids are playing with these days. I'll take Barbies over TV, video games, cartoons, and ipads any day. And I think they will be a wonderful thing for her to look forward to playing with at Grammy's house. Thanks for keeping them these 20 ish years mom!

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