Monday, March 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home

This house hunting stuff has been a longer process than I would have ever imagined. It took us approximately 18 months of house hunting, 4 different house offers, 1 failed closing, 6 months of renting to finally settle on a place. Ironically the house we found wasn't even for sale. It was a rental in a neighborhood that we love and the owner said he'd be willing to sell it.

Since it was a rental, it wasn't the cleanest or best of shape but we don't mind putting work into a place if we can get it for a good price! We've got plans and dreams for the place but I know you are probably not even reading this anymore and are just scrolling down to see pics so here are the empty house shots.
I showed Liv today that we have a lamp post just like Narnia!
Garage to the right of the fence.
When you come in the front door you are in the living room and to the right are the stairs and the downstairs bedroom...which will be the playroom until the den is added on and then it will be the guest room. The dining room is through the opening where that man in scrubs is.

Harry Potter's room under the stairs

Downstairs bedroom/playroom/laundry room. That door is a side door to the porch.

Laundry closet. Door to bath and kitchen.
The dining room. Deck and backyard is outside of those double doors. Kitchen to the right.

Entering the kitchen from dining. Awesome banquette but it needs to be recovered.

Reminds me a bit of my old kitchen set up.

Look at that vent hood. They must have had an industrial type stove here before. Now we need to buy one and take out that wall unit that is sitting above the non functioning dishwasher. Yeah that's really weird. There's a big pantry to the right of the oven/washer.
Downstairs half bath in between kitchen and bedroom.

Up the stairs is the full bath. Tiniest bath we've ever had but it'll work!
Liv's room just past the bathroom upstairs. Basically the exact same as the rent house but much bigger closet.

The upstairs hallway. Thats the door to the balcony. Storage closet on the right.

The entrance to our room. More storage.

Our bedroom. For once we took the biggest bedroom in the house!

The outside deck runs the whole length of the house but we plan to add a den on half of it and keep the deck off the dining room. Anyone want to cut that tree down for me?
This house is just a few doors down from Lo's old house that I used to spend 50% of my time at. Sadly Liv does not even remember that house. Here are shots of the hood though.
There was a serious nerf battle between some little boys going on at the gazebo the other day. And this little library where you take a book and leave a book is just too cute!
And I love the art deco sign into the hood. But even better is the fact that we can walk to a few different friend's houses!
Ryan and I posing with the keys after closing! We celebrated with a very fast lunch at Arby's so we could hurry and get to cleaning/fixing plumbing issues/building a garage door.
I probably should've made myself more presentable for such a special occasion but I'd also been scrubbing mildew and crusty food from kitchen cabinets and laying shelf paper all morning.
Saturday it was supposed to be 30 degrees and rainy with possible snow. We were debating on whether or not to delay the move but I'm glad we didn't. We had various friends come to help and this time we got a Uhaul. So worth it. And the weather was cold but no precipitation!
The only pic I got of us moving. We made two trips with this truck!
They actually had to bring our mattress in over the top balcony. I kinda wished I would've seen it but it also probably would've stressed me out so it's good I was packing up at the rent house when that went down.

Liv stayed at different friend's houses for 3 days so we could get work done, move, and start to unpack. She came back to us in the evenings but I don't think she missed us much. My friends sent me pics of the fun she was having.
We were able to get so much done that way. Ryan built this whole garage door and wall by himself on Sunday afternoon! He's getting practice for that den he's gonna build me this summer!
It's all done but I didn't get a pic of it finished.
Now we are getting settled, eating way too much junk food because there is no time to shop or cook and I don't even have a stove and my feet are killing me from being on them all day and evening. I'm also a little hurried since we have a trip to TN coming up in a few days. It's so much fun to open up those boxes though! And the 6 months without needing that stuff has made it easy to part with a lot of it too! I'll try to post pics before we head east as the rooms are coming together!
She enjoys discovering lots of her toys that have been boxed up for months!
A delicious meal full of processed foods and plastic cutlery.
Liv is fascinated with the balcony but the railing isn't very sturdy so she can only go out if an adult is with her. We had a picnic lunch there today while we watched the goings on of Shepherd Mall. She requested a silly face selfie but I think she meant angry.
And for those who aren't on are the pics I've posted there!
Eating dinner at 10:30. Thanks Gigi and Jenna for your leftovers!
Organizing the kitchen. Can't wait to hang my lights!
The most random box I've unpacked: 2 hatchets, baby clothes, wind chime, license plate, kitchen canister, and heating pads.
Ahh my weilware. So pretty. I smile every time I pass it!
And now it's time to prop my feet up and dream about unpacking more boxes and finally putting the living room furniture in place! Liv's newsletter might be a tad bit late this month but we've got a good excuse!


The Moores said...

I'm so happy for you guys! It looks like a great house.

DocB said...

Definitely a Mom Approved Move since the first meal was at Arby's :-)

Shawn and Becky said...

Congratulations. I love it. Will be so much fun to put your touch everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Katie, the house is so cute! I love it and can't wait to see it all fixed up :)


Michelle said...

So cute! Glad it worked out!! I can't believe you still have that light, so awesome!

kmom said...

Glad you are starting to settle into your own house. Glad the weather had no rain or snow while you were moving. You and Ryan have been working so hard. Glad it is paying off.

Heather Valee said...

love it! The neighborhood looks lovely too! Can't wait to see it with all the Katie touches added!

Anonymous said...

Congrats kiddos. I sooooo wish I were there to help. Can't wait to see it in person. Love ya, Mom aka Gma

Maria @ OKC Moms Blog said...

So excited for you! Love the house!!

Chellie said...

Looks cute!
We found a great deal on a vent hood through Amazon. Also, if you decide to hire out any work I have names of good contractors for framing, electrical, drywall and tile.

Jennifer said...

I love your new house! And I am so happy for you guys that you are finally done with the house hunting process. Can't wait to see more pictures.

MariaClark said...

I. Love. It!!! Can't wait to come see it in real person. Love the floors, the cabinets, pretty much everything!!

MariaClark said...

That last comment is actually from Erin Cornell, not Maria. So weird!!

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