Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ladies Retreat 2014: Persevering Faith

I took a few more pictures so I didn't have to draw things in Paint this year. Although you might prefer that.
Remember these awful portraits? Love it!
My roomies and I enjoyed a dinner at Cheddars (FYI it is their policy to NOT sing birthday songs but if you get a certain waiter he will make sure to try to make up for that) then games and junk food at the conference center.
This is Jenna's competitive Taboo face. 
We had a great weekend of fun and sharing our faith stories. We had 6 different women from our church share how they kept their faith through their personal trials and struggles in life. I think Danielle said it was a pregnant woman's worst nightmare...because of the amount of tears shed...but most of us there weren't pregnant and we were crying too so I don't know about that! I think some great lessons were shared and Brene' Brown would have been proud of us for being so vulnerable and honest. I was one of the speakers and I am not a fan of public speaking but I stepped out of my comfort zone and was proud of myself. I didn't cry near as much as my graduation speech in high school, but I did shed a few tears. I don't want to post my whole talk on here but I do encourage you to write down your own faith story. It's ever evolving and changing and if you're like me you may not think much about it if you were raised in a church or religion, but everyone has a story and even if you don't feel like sharing I think just by writing it or typing it up you will learn something about yourself! I know I was inspired by many heroins of faith from our own congregation this week and was glad I went!

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there to hear your talk. I'm so thankful you guys have such a wonderful circle of faithful friends in your life. It's an answer to my prayer. Love, Mom aka GMa

kmom said...

I learn so much from hearing women speak on Biblical topics. Glad you went on the retreat. I'm so thankful for Mona's prayer. (P.S. I like your white top.)

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