Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mostly Mary Belle

There were other happenings but the remainder of the photos of our trip seem to be mostly Mary Belle. 
She is now mobile! And her method of scooting backwards in a bridge pose is pretty adorable!
Oh hello there!
Aaaand roll!
Grammy's very proud of her!
Ok just one more then I'll give you a break from her cuteness....
On the way to TN we stayed with Mia and Evan. The girls stayed up late watching Disney movies.
Uncle Joe spent time with Liv in the arcade at some pizza place we went to.
Liv even got Celeste to be silly with her. I gotta ask her how she managed that one.
I've been trying for like 22 years!
Our little cuties together. We bribed those smiles, can you tell?
Liv and her sugarbooger.
And I'll end with more Mary Belle adorableness.....
I think that concludes our TN adventures. We got back over a week ago but it took me awhile to get through what with the unpacking and broken arm excitement! Hopefully this week will be a little more dull and I can take some photos of our house with furniture in it!

P.S. If you want an update on Liv's arm she went all day today with no tylenol. Never mentioned pain. Slept pretty well last night. Acts basically like she is 100% fine which is a bit scary because she continues to balance on weird things and jump and run so we have to keep a closer eye on her than normal. We see the Dr. tomorrow afternoon. The attention she's getting from it has started going to her head though...tonight while stove shopping at Best Buy she was singing at the counter "broken arm, broken arm, broken arm" softly, just waiting for someone to pay attention to her. I'm glad she's feeling better :)


megan said...

A couple of years ago Emma broke her arm cast for six weeks and she got enough attention off of it she talks about missing it being broken lol ;-) glad her arm didn't slow her down to long ;-)

Anonymous said...

Grandma is so thankful she's feeling better too.

kmom said...

I'm so glad to have 2 wonderful granddaughters. Love, Grammy

Shawn and Becky said...

Love trips to visit family. Love her song!

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